Sailing Pants XM Offshore Gray T XXL

The XM Offshore Gray T XXL Sailing Pants is made for people who love sailing, for this reason it is completely lined and its zipper is on the back of a block that is in front.

In addition, in the back is a flap called the storm flap, the straps that contain the pants are elastic and are adjustable with a seam that is reinforced.

The XM Offshore Gray XXL Sailing Pants has trailing rollers that are made with elastics as they have a rear suspension loop which guarantees that it can be dried easily and quickly.

This pants has pockets and holes that contain their own drainage for water and elastic at the waist and axillary makes it an article that provides flexibility.

Features of the XM Offshore T Gray XXL Sailing Pants

❖        The pants are lined completely.

❖        The zipper contains a closure which is protected by a flap called antitool.

❖        It has two straps that are reinforced by their seams.

❖        In the ankles are a closure in addition to elastic.

❖        The piece offers loops for this way to achieve hanging and that is easy to dry.

❖        This has two pockets to which closure was applied to each, which are antitorment in addition to having an evacuation network and a ring-key ring.

❖        The waist and the armpits are attached to an elastic band.

❖        A band was applied in the crotch to generate better movements in this way.

❖        The upper part and the knees are reinforced and the seams of the inner part were welded to prevent them from leaking through them.

Maintenance of the XM Offshore Sailing Pants Gray T XXL

The XM Offshore Gray T XXL Sailing Pan should be washed using a product that is not very strong and thus use liquid detergent that does not contain softener. Only fabrics of the same color should be applied in the wash and at the end of the washing should not be stored if it is still wet.

The XM Offshore Gray T XXL Sailing Pan should not be ironed directly where printed or embroidered and make sure that the fasteners are secure at the time of bleaching.













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