Sailing Pants XM Offshore Gray T XS

The XM Offshore Sailing Pants Gray T XS is made for those people who are lovers of marine life who want a great look to see them recognize that they work on their boats for them we have this type of slack pants which besides looking great we They generate a unique style and a comfort that your body in your company will be safe because the warmth that allows us is unmatched.

The XM Offshore Gray XS Offshore Sailing Pan was made so that it does not contain leaks and in which the zipper has a lining in which it is assured that it does not leak and the braces are made of the best elastic we can find in the market in addition to providing a reinforced seam that guarantees the necessary support

Characteristics of the XM Offshore Trousers Gray T XS

❖        Contains full coverage

❖        Its zipper comes with a closure which is given to protect with a flap which is anti-storm.

❖        Its straps are made of the best quality and with the best reinforcement.

❖        The ankles and its elastic cover make it a totally comfortable part that adds warmth.

❖        They have placed loops in which they can be placed to dry and achieve that the drying is completely simple.

❖        When being made two pockets were applied in which each one was cooked with an individual closure that owns a network individually and that has the ring-keychain what makes it completely functional

❖        It has an elastic band in the armpits and waist which gives flexibility to work on the boats without problems.

❖        A reinforcement band was placed on the crotch.

❖        In the knees and upper parts were placed the seams and then were reinforced in addition to being welded so that this form does not leak.


Instructions for the care of XM Offshore Sailing Trousers Gray T XS

The XM Offshore T XS Gray Offshore Sailing Pan should be not very complicated, that is, it should be washed with a product that is not very strong and should only be washed with soap, it should not be washed with softener because it can damage the In addition, when washing, do not apply fabrics of other colors and do not fold or store if wet.









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