Radar reflector

The radar reflector is a piece that has been created to flash the energy in the radar that emits in the antenna of other vessels, appearing clearly and clearly, it becomes a fully useful device when navigating in areas where there is wide traffic or strong changes in climate that prevent optimal vision.

Being visible in nearby boats avoids being hit and this causes problems, for this reason, the radar reflector is a totally necessary instrument for any boat due to the projection of energy between the radars of the nearby boat.

Radar reflector function

The radar reflector works by reflecting the energy that comes from the antennas of other ships, so that other nearby vessels can see them on the screens of your boat to avoid collision incidents.

Benefits of the radar reflector

The radar reflector is made up of three groups of plates which form right angles that meet each other which are created in a similar way to the metal box which is made by the catadioptric prism.

If you are navigating in areas of high traffic or where fogs and other meteorological phenomena that diminish the visibility usually occur, the fact of being visible or not by the radar of other ships can make the difference in being seen or being approached with even tragic consequences.

The radar reflector has a performance that is completely similar to that of the light reflectors used on the roads, which provide visibility on the road lines, offering a better view in any type of climate.

It is also indicated that the effectiveness of the reflector completely influences the size which is acquired because the bigger the better, the fulfillment of its task will be effective.

The main characteristic of a catadioptric prism with other reflective devices, such as a mirror, is that they are able to radiate the energy right where it comes from.

Characteristics of the radar reflector

❖ It is created with a trihedral design.

❖ Helps reduce collisions at the time of navigation.

❖ Provides a return of the radar on the screens.

❖ Guarantees that a better preview of bad weather conditions will be obtained.

❖ Your response to the alleco is excellent.

❖ Your coverage is done in 360 °.

❖ It is made of stainless steel.

❖ Its resistance to UV rays is thanks to its polyurethane paint.

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