Radar reflector NAVISTAR

The NAVISTAR Radar Reflector is made with aluminum plates which give it its rhomboid shape, so that it has a better projection of the received image and it is emitted on the screen in the best way, acquiring in this way the necessary security for that its users obtain an optimal vision of the surroundings of the boat

The NAVISTAR Radar Reflector is created so that users who use it get the desired performance, because it must be placed in a suitable place on your boat in which it takes all reflections in an optimal way and can be transmitted to the screen without errors nor inconveniences , generating in this way the best possible confidence in him.

Importance of the NAVISTAR Radar Reflector

The most difficult to navigate at some point with marine traffic or fog, which is in the bays, for example, opening the probability of being run over by a leviathan that contains a weight that varies between thousands of tons to displacement and create a tragedy fatal and it is for this reason that the NAVISTAR Radar Reflector is so important to have the ability to provide vision in low visibility situations.

It is very important to measure through a radar reflection unit, in order to know what is the measurement through the RCS which helps in the measurement of square meters and creates a logarithmic signal in decibels that indicates which will be the reference to be able to be more visible to radars with a minimum of 2 or 3 square meters.

The NAVISTAR Radar Reflector is a very useful element and it is important to make it known so that the crew of the boats know it and know its use, it is very necessary to have someone in the crew that knows how to use it in the best way, although many They believe that it is not important to consider that this type of piece is necessary in the boat because it avoids many accidents and moments of which it is possible to repent later

Features of the NAVISTAR Radar Reflector Reflector

Among the main features of the NAVISTAR Radar Reflector are:

  1. It is made of anodized aluminum.
  2. Carried out so that your anatomy provides the appropriate and necessary vision.
  3. The material in which it is made guarantees that it will be durable in the marine environment.
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